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Driven by design
Driven by design

About PIQ

We're an eCommerce agency specializing in elevated website design, engineering, and growth strategy. Located in Los Angeles, California.

Drawing from our experience as brand owners, we have devised a distinctive formula for success.

Sean Clarke
Founder / Director
Bess Kennedy
Founder / Director

How we work


Our approach extends far beyond simply providing a roadmap. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients, becoming an extension of their team. This collaborative spirit allows us to gain a deep understanding of your brand's DNA, target audience, and competitive landscape. This level of immersion is crucial for crafting strategies that resonate with your customers and drive meaningful, measurable results.


We create beautiful websites that are optimized to convert. We take the time to listen and immerse ourselves in your business and understand your goals. We strive to balance aesthetic and conversion optimization to ensure your investment produces ROI.


Pacific IQ doesn't just provide a roadmap; we become your growth partner, actively driving results. We leverage a powerful blend of paid media, email, SMS, loyalty programs, referral marketing, and zero-party data collection. This multi-channel approach, combined with our focus on exceptional customer experiences, fuels growth tailored to your specific stage of development.


Our Global Culture

We leverage the diverse perspectives and experiences of our team to foster innovative solutions and drive growth across different markets.


We combine our passion for customer understanding with strategic data analysis to deliver results that are measurable and impactful.

Creative Curiosity

We foster a culture of continuous learning and exploration, encouraging diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to drive growth.

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