Blesswell by DJ Khaled

Ecommerce, Subscriptions, Health & Beauty
UX/UI Design, Shopify Plus Development, Shopify Plus Migration, Recharge Subscriptions, Okendo Product Reviews

Your Best Self is your BLESSED SELF.

BLESSWELL solidifies its entrance into the CBD health & wellness arena by way of premium body, beard, and face solutions. Our team at PIQ designed one-of-a-kind wireframe concepts and developed an optimized and user-friendly store on Shopify Plus.

CBD based products present unique hurdles when it comes to integrations, payment gateways, and shipping. We were able to seamlessly guide the BLESSWELL team through this process. On a tight deadline we also integrated Recharge Subscriptions, Okendo Product Reviews, as well as a password protected content library.

"A great experience all round, Pacific IQ designed and developed to a fast timeline."
- Agency Rep.

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