Ecommerce, Pet Food
Custom Shopify Theme Design & Development, Klaviyo

Powerful healing food for dogs.

Pacific IQ jumped at the chance to work with HealthyBud, a pet food company with heart. Their migration to Shopify meant new brand assets alongside a custom theme to enhance the brand aesthetic and drive conversions. By reimagining the way an eCommerce store can function in this modern, mobile-first world, we managed to make the buying process of HealthyBud a really exciting journey.

HealthyBud now has two country-specific Shopify storefronts, customer subscriptions, and build-a-box functionality. All elements work together seamlessly to enhance and customize the user experience.

"Sean & Bess have exceeded expectations in many ways! We're thrilled with how our new Shopify website turned out. From the very onset of the relationship (even before any work started or any payment was made) Pacific IQ was making suggestions for copywriters, designers, photographers and more... They have an amazing network and many resources that they were kind enough to share.

Once we got to work, they were very communicative throughout the whole process and took all our suggestions into account. We found their willingness to collaborate was very genuine and we really appreciated being kept in the loop throughout every stage of the process.

The end result says it all! We are in love with our website and, more importantly, our customers are too!

Thank you Sean & Bess. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone in our network who is looking for web development help!"

Kyle Feigenbaum, CFA
Co-Founder & CEO

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